Hymn 91 - Thy Love, Jesus

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Day and night do I think of Thy love, Jesus;

Height, depth, length, and breadth are so great.

Like a waterfall fresh from above, Jesus,

What happiness comes from this spate!

Thro’ Thy love You become flesh on earth, Jesus,

Releasing Your throne, bright, on high;

Being born Son of Man, under law, Jesus,

Too poor for a place You could lie.

Like aroma of food is Thy love, Jesus;

Let favored ones eat and be filled.

We give thanks for Your death on the cross, Jesus,

Such mocking and suffering You willed,

Saving me from my sin and from death, Jesus,

Your precious blood washed white as snow,

Sent the Comforter that He might teach, Jesus,

So that I might please Thee below.

Day and night do I pine for Your home, Jesus;

The home You’re preparing above.

Golden streets, jasper walls, happy place, Jesus,

No pain, no more tears, only love.

In Your mercy and grace evermore, Jesus,

No blessing as great can be found.

Thy love always remains just the same, Jesus,

What glory, what radiance abound.


Now my love is poured out at Thy feet, Jesus,

You satisfy me more than all,

O, Thy beauty and goodness excel, Jesus,

With joy I abide in Thy love.