Hymn 89 - His Grace Aboundeth More

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Oh what a wonderful Savior,

In Jesus, my Lord I have found!

Though I had sins without number,

His grace unto me did abound.

When a poor sinner He found me,

No goodness to offer had I;

Often His law I had broken,

And merited naught but to die.

Nothing of merit possessing,

All helpless before Him I lay;

But in the precious blood flowing,

He wash’d all my sin-stains away.

In Him my gracious Redeemer,

My Prophet, my Priest, and my King;

Mercy I find and forgiveness,

My all to His keeping I bring.

How can I keep from rejoicing?

I’ll sing of the joy in my soul;

Praising the love of my Savior

While years of eternity roll.


His grace aboundeth more.

His grace aboundeth more.

Though sin abounded in my heart,

His grace aboundeth more.