Hymn 66 - Lord, My Soul Will Wait For Thee

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Lord, my soul will wait for Thee,

Fearless, blameless, here I’ll stay;

Lord, I’m trusting only Thee,

Lead me in Thy heav’nly way.

Lord, I pray, Thy Truth reveal,

Guide me to the path above;

Thou my Saviour and my God,

Show Thy mercy and Thy love.

Lord, my life was filled with sin,

Now at last I seek Thy grace;

Oh, remember not my past,

And this sinner ne’er forsake.

Lord, most gracious, most divine,

Teach me now Thy righteousness;

That this lost sheep wilt Thou guide,

And with meekness wilt Thou bless.


He will guide me and care for me,

Lead me onward to His sweet peace;

Lord, I’ll watch and wait for Thee,

In my sorrow, comfort me.