Hymn 55 - Jesus Frees Me

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


I once was a sinner with turmoil within,

Condemned, trapped and powerless, living in sin;

But then my Lord came down and died on the tree,

Oh glory! I’m happy and free.

I tried on my own to fight Satan’s attacks,

With ev’ry step forward I fell three steps back;

But now I have God’s spirit living in me,

Oh glory! I’m fearless and free.

So now as I go on life’s difficult way,

God’s spirit abides with me day after day;

A son of God now and forever I’ll be,

Oh glory to Jesus, I’m free!


Now I am free! Forever free!

Thus will my proclamation be;

I’m no longer bound by the shackles of sin!

Oh glory to Jesus! I’m free!