Hymn 520 - Twas Jesus' Blood

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


A sinner, lost, condemned was I,

Doomed an eternal death to die;

But Jesus died for me,

He bore sin’s penalty,

On Calv’ry’s hill was lifted high.

I ne’er could be at peace with God,

But for the cleansing, crimson flood,

No one but Christ could win

Atonement for all sin-

He signed my pardon with His blood.

No doubter’s scorn or creed of man

Can shake my faith in Calv’ry’s plan;

His blood redeemed my soul,

It made me pure and whole;

By faith my life in Him began.


Twas Jesus’ blood that ransomed me,

From chains on sin He set me free,

While ages roll, my song shall be: 

Twas Jesus’ blood that ransomed me.