Hymn 511 - Only One Plan

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


There’s only one plan of redemption for man,

And we are a part of that plan;

To us has been given this story of love,

Our part is to reach ev’ry man.

This plan of redemption to save a lost world,

Was formed in the mind of our God.

Salvation for all through Christ’s death on the cross,

But the world must the story be told.

The price of the plan was the Father’s own Son,

The dearest thing heaven could hold;

In infinite love He sent Jesus to die,

What a price to reclaim a lost world!

This plan of the ages required of the Son,

That He gives His own self on a tree.

His lifeblood to shed for the sins of mankind,

That man, in his guilt, might go free.

God’s part is complete, He is looking to you

To spread the glad message abroad;

If the world is to hear, If the story is told,

God’s plan now depends upon you.

There’s only one plan for the lost world to hear,

The message by us must go forth.

For we must tell others, and, they others still,

Till the story has covered the earth.


God’s plan now depends upon you,

God’s plan now depends upon you.

There’s no other way that a lost world will know;

God’s plan now depends upon you.