Hymn 387 - Lord, Speak to Me

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Lord, speak to me, that I may speak

In living echoes of Thy tone;

As Thou hast sought, so let me seek

Thy erring children lost and lone.

O lead me, Lord, that I may lead

The wand'ring and the wav'ring feet;

O feed me, Lord, that I may feed

Thy hung'ring ones with manna sweet.

O teach me, Lord, that I may teach

The precious things Thou dost impart;

And wing my words, that they may reach

The hidden depths of many a heart.

O fill me with Thy fullness, Lord,

Until my very heart o'erflow

In kindling thought and glowing word,

Thy love to tell, Thy praise to show.

O use me, Lord, use even me,

Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where,

Until Thy blessed face I see, Thy rest,

Thy joy, Thy glory share.