Hymn 375 - Come, Oh Come, with Thy Broken Heart

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Come, oh come, with thy broken heart, Weary and worn with care;

Come and kneel at the open door, Jesus is waiting there;

Waiting to heal thy wounded soul, Waiting to give thee rest;

Why wilt thou walk where shadows fall? Come to His loving breast!

Firmly cling to the blessed cross, There shall thy refuge be;

Wash thee now in the crimson fount, Flowing so pure for thee;

List to the gentle warning voice! List to the earnest call!

Leave at the cross thy burden now: Jesus will bear it all.

Come and taste of the precious feast, Feast of eternal love;

Think of joys that forever bloom, Bright in the life above:

Come with a trusting heart to God, Come and be saved by grace;

Come, for He longs to clasp thee now, Close in His dear embrace.