Hymn 370 - If God Be for Us

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Rejoice in the Lord! oh, let His mercy cheer;

He sunders the bands that enthrall;

Redeemed by His blood, why should we ever fear-

Since Jesus is our “all in all”?

Be strong in the Lord! rejoicing in His might,

Be loyal and true day by day;

When evils assail, be valiant for the right,

And He will be our strength and stay.

Confide in His Word- His promises so sure;

In Christ they are “yea and amen”;

Tho’ earth pass away, they ever shall endure, 

’Tis written o’er and o’er again.

Abide in the Lord: secure in His control, 

’Tis life everlasting begun;

To pluck from His hand the weakest, trembling soul-

It never, never can be done!


“If God be for us, if God be for us, if God be for us,

Who can be against us?

Who? who? who?

Who can be against us, against us?”