Hymn 299 - Come, Let Us Gather with Rejoicing

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Come let us gather with rejoicing,

Praising our Lord in jubilant song;

For our beloved brother and sister;

Love and devotion, sanctioned by God.

Let us all pray that God will lead them,

And let them be in one heart and mind;

O let them honor God in their union;

In joy or sorrow, comfort to find.

From this moment, true be their conduct,

Trusting in God, His will to do;

Sharing and doing all things together;

That they may in all, glorify You.

Let us pray that God will help them,

Grow in the Spirit, ever and aye;

Fervently love Him, His presence seeking;

Until that last most glorious day.


Lord, send Thy blessings, Lord, send Thy blessings;

Help them to keep Thy word we pray;

Lord, send Thy blessings, Lord ,send Thy blessings!

O give them joy and peace always.