Hymn 295A - He Washed His Servants’ Feet

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Disrobed of all His heav’nly dress,

The Saviour came to earth;

Clothed in a veil of mortal flesh,

And bowed His head in death.

That awful night in which betrayed,

He introduced the feast,

Which we, my friends, have seen displayed,

Where each has been a guest.

The solemn scene about to close,

To make the whole complete,

He meekly from communion rose

And washed His servants’ feet.

“To each,” He said, “let others do

As I, your Lord, have done:

The heav’nly pattern still pursue,

In form as I have shown.”


He gave us this example,

That we His will complete

By following His teaching

To wash each other’s feet.