Hymn 287 - Labor for Jesus

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Willing, willing! Labor for our Jesus,

Gladly answering to His holy call,

At His summons, we will rise to follow,

Gladly we will give Him of our all.

Joyful, joyful! We will spread the Gospel,

Gladly telling of His loving ways,

On the cross, He gave His life to save us,

Saving sinners, O what wondrous grace!

Meekly, meekly! Answer Jesus’ calling,

Work and pray to follow in His way,

Lamb of God, most everloving Saviour

By our side He will forever stay!


Labor for Jesus!

Joyfully we’ll go, Joyfully we’ll go!

Labor for Jesus!

Joyfully we’ll work for Him!