Hymn 274A - The Light of God Is Falling

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


The light of God is falling

Upon life’s common way;

The Master’s voice still calling, 

“Come, walk with Me today”;

No duty can seem lowly

To him who lives with Thee,

And all of life grows holy,

O Christ of Galilee!

Who shares his life’s pure pleasures,

And walks the honest road,

Who trades with heaping measures,

And lifts his brother’s load,

Who turns the wrongs down bluntly,

And lends the right a hand,

He dwells in God’s own country,

He tills the holy land.

Where human lives are thronging

In toil and pain and sin,

While cloistered hearts are longing

To bring the kingdom in,

O Christ, the elder Brother

Of proud and beaten men,

When they have found each other,

Thy kingdom will come then!

Thy ransomed host in glory,

All souls that sin and pray,

Turn toward the cross that bore Thee; 

“Behold the Man!” they say:

And while Thy church is pleading

For all who would do good,

We hear Thy true voice leading

Our song of brotherhood.