Hymn 273 - The Glad Tidings

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Hearken to the one who in a vision calls, “Oh, come swiftly to help us spread the Word!

How we long to hear the story of His glory, To learn of His saving grace!”

O arise, ye messengers of God, arise! And in haste go proclaim to all the world;

For there waits in darkness many poor and needy, who long for the Saviour’s Word.

From the east they came as clouds, glorifying Jesus’ Name, from the west a multitude;

As the saints now crown’d in glory, they told the wondrous story of Jesus and His love.

Rise, make haste to spread the gospel news abroad, that all nations may learn the words of peace;

O how beautiful upon the distant mountains, The feet of those who preach!

Preach the gospel and the good news of His Word, Spread the tidings of Jesus and His love;

Blow the trumpet, sing, and raise His banner high, that all people may know His Name.

Let all nations far and near, hear the glorious words of cheer, how our Jesus comes to save;

All who sin may enter in where the saints in glory reign for He saves us by His grace.


Hearken, hearken, ’tis the voice of Jesus calling, 

From over the land and ’cross the seas;

Rise ye messengers of Christ,

go tell the story of Jesus and His love.