Hymn 271 - Never Be Afraid

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Never be afraid to speak for Jesus,

Think how much a word can do;

Never be afraid to own your Saviour,

He who loves and cares for you.

Never be afraid to work for Jesus

In His vineyard day by day;

Labor with a kind and willing spirit,

He will all your toil repay.

Never be afraid to bear for Jesus

Keen reproaches when they fall;

Patiently endure your ev’ry trial,

Jesus meekly bore them all.

Never be afraid to die for Jesus,

He the Life, the Truth, the Way,

Gently in His arms of love will bear you

To the realms of endless day.


Never be afraid, Never be afraid,

Never, never, never;

Jesus is your loving Saviour,

Therefore never be afraid.