Hymn 258 - ’Tis Not with Eyes of Flesh We See

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


’Tis not with eyes of flesh we see

That Thou art God’s anointed One;

With eyes of faith we look to Thee

As God’s beloved only Son—

Eternal King enthroned above,

Revealer of His grace and love.

Thou only hast the words of life;

Unto no other can we go.

None but Thyself can calm our strife,

And none but Thee our hopes can know.

Since Thou hast walked this way before,

Thou art to us the only door.

Believing thus, Thou Son of God,

We walk with Thee along life’s way.

We follow where Thy feet have trod

Unto that realm of glorious day.

Fill Thou our hearts with joyous song;

Sustain our faith and make us strong.