Hymn 254 - Thou Art My Shepherd

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Thou art my Shepherd,

Caring in ev’ry need,

Thy loving lamb to feed,

Trusting Thee still,

In the green pastures low,

Where living waters flow,

Safe by Thy side I go,

Fearing no ill.

Or if my way lie

Where storms are raging nigh,

Nothing can terrify,

I trust Thee still,

How can I be afraid,

While softly on my head

Thy tender hand is laid;

I fear no ill.

Goodness and mercy

Ever shall follow me,

Till by Thy grace I see

Thy holy hill;

Lord, in that home with Thee,

Joyful eternally,

Folded Thy flock shall be,

Safe from all ill.