Hymn 253 - He Is Here!

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Jesus said when bidding them farewell,

“In a little while I’ll come again.”

What a precious gift to us He’s giv’n:

Promised Holy Spirit to all men.

He has sent His Spirit to be here,

By that power, all sinners are healed,

Pow’r that over Satan shall prevail;

Truth and grace in Him shall be revealed.

He has said that when the Spirit comes,

We’ll receive His power from above.

He will teach us what we ought to say,

Witness for Him, ’til that glorious day.


He is here! He is here!

O what blessed news we hear, ’Tis the Savior dear!

Come repent, and with zeal, Welcome Him to our hearts.

He is here, the Promised Spirit is here!