Hymn 251 - My Heart Is Resting, O My God

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


My heart is resting, O my God,

I will give thanks and sing;

My heart is at the secret source

Of ev’ry precious thing.

I thirst for springs of heav’nly life,

And here all day they rise;

I seek the treasure of Thy love,

And close at hand it lies.

I have a heritage of joy,

That yet I must not see;

The hand that bled to make it mine

Is keeping it for me.

And a new song is in my mouth,

To long-loved music set:

“Glory to Thee for all the grace

I have not tasted yet.”

My heart is resting, O my God,

My heart is in Thy care;

I hear the voice of joy and health

Resounding ev’rywhere.

“Thou art my portion,” saith my soul,

Ten thousand voices say.

The music of their glad amen

Will never die away.