Hymn 25 - God’s Law Is Perfect and Gives Life

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


God’s law is perfect and gives life, Revives the weary soul,

God’s testimonies are all sure, Wisdom for all to hold.

The statutes of God are just, And give to the heart delight,

God’s precepts are direct and pure, And give the eyes clear sight.

The fear of God is always clear, Enduring as the sun,

The judgments of the Lord are true, And righteous ev’ry one.

And even more to be desired, Than gold, than the finest gold,

And sweeter than the honeycomb, The words God spoke of old.

Your servant finds enlightenment, By means of them, O Lord,

And in the keeping of Your law, There is a great reward.

Let all my words and my thoughts, My Lord, my Redeemer, Might,

Find favor now and always win Acceptance in Your sight.