Hymn 246 - O Bless the Lord, My Soul

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


O bless the Lord, my soul!

His grace to thee proclaim!

And all that is within me join

To bless His holy name!

He will not always chide;

He will with patience wait;

His wrath is ever slow to rise,

And ready to abate.

He pardons all thy sins;

Prolongs thy feeble breath;

He healeth thine infirmities,

And ransoms thee from death.

He loves me though I stray,

His truths to me impart;

I shall mount up as eagles strong,

Though aged, with youthful heart.

Then bless His holy name,

Whose grace hath made thee whole,

Whose loving-kindness crowns thy days!

O bless the Lord, my soul!