Hymn 22 - There Is a Fountain Dear

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


There is a fountain dear,

With water sweet and clear.

Each day at morn I’m surely bless’d,

as by God’s stream I rest.

There, far from all life’s troubling ills,

with peaceful balm my soul He fills.

Jesus, the noblest friend,

Lovingly clasps my hands,

Each day with Him, so kind and sweet,

in earnest prayer I seek.

His words mean all the world to me,

like precious gold they’ll treasured be.

Armed with the Word of God,

Strong shall I ever be.

From evil’s might I’ll take no fright,

Thy Spirit strengthens me.

Thy Word is like a banner free,

that leads me on to heav’n and Thee.

Then face to face with Thee,

I see clear all my sins.

No secret thought lies unrevealed,

nor hidden sin concealed.

Refreshed and free I come to Thee,

Thou gentle man of Galilee.

Bless’d Jesus, may Thy Word

Fill me with life anew,

With prayerful heart I’ll worship Thee

and learn Thy ways to do.

And so through all my earthly days,

I’ll work for Thee and sing Thy praise.