Hymn 203 - O Lovely Lily

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Flow’r of the valley, lily so white,

Tended by God as His own delight;

Though thorns encircle, and night draws near,

Shine on forever, blossom without fear.

Wild in the valley, sown ’cross the fields,

Never to toil under His shield;

Solomon’s treasures can not compare

To your white splendor, glorious and fair.

Lovely the springtime, precious the view,

White lilied hilltops, blooming anew;

In time we’ll follow, our Lord so true,

Ascend in glory, with our lives renewed.


O lovely lily, pure and divine!

Symbol of life, the promise of Thine.

How deep the Saviour’s love to us ever;

Through His Word, glory and honor we’ll find.