Hymn 195 - A Place in His Kingdom

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Up to God’s kingdom may He take me

To see His glorious promised land,

Those who dwell there are ever happy,

They rejoice and pass the day in song;

Hark, the song of the saints in His kingdom,

Praising God for His triumph o’er sin,

Golden harps before Him they are playing

As they into His peace enter in.

Saints gazed upon that Holy City,

Hoping for the eternal rest,

If I my all will give in service,

I may enter in that peace so bless’d;

Oh, the joyful ones saved thro’ His mercy,

O the city of God shining bright,

Soon that city I’ll see brightly gleaming,

And the saints in the grace of the Lord.

Onward I march, and will not tarry,

Fearless in triumph over death;

Jesus my Lord is ever with me,

In His peace He ever doth me bless;

Soon I’ll stand on the bright, glorious shoreline,

Hear melodious songs of delight,

In that heavenly place of rejoicing,

I will live in God’s glorious light.


If you hope for a place in His kingdom,

Hope to sing, with His saints, songs of praise;

Keep His Word, ever loyal and fearless,

And your footsteps will lead to His grace.