Hymn 186 - Heaven Is My Home

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Once a lost soul was I, Caught in earthly toils and cares,

Felt such joy in this world, Slave to sin’s dread sway;

Then the Lord Jesus came, Freed me with His loving grace,

Promised me He would lead me to blessed heav’n.

Jesus Christ rescued me, In His mercy I am bless’d,

Sent His Spirit to earth, Comforter and Guide;

In His Word I’m made whole, On His promise I will stand,

He’ll guide me to my home, up in blessed heav’n.

Once a lost soul was I On the pathway rough and steep,

But through God’s mighty hand, He showed me the way;

Look not back, onward strive, Ever working in His strength

’Til we reach, safe at last, home in blessed heav’n.


Heaven is my home, Heaven is my home,

My home’s not of this world,

Heaven is my home.