Hymn 164 - Take Me As I Am

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Jesus, my Lord, to Thee I cry;

Unless Thou help me, I must die;

Oh, bring Thy free salvation nigh,

And take me as I am.

Helpless I am and full of guilt;

But yet for me Thy blood was spilt;

And Thou canst make me what Thou wilt,

And take me as I am.

I bow before Thy mercy seat,

Behold me, Saviour, at Thy feet;

Thy work begin, Thy work complete,

And take me as I am.

If Thou hast work for me to do,

Inspire my will, my heart renew;

And work both in, and by me, too,

And take me as I am.

And when at last the work is done,

The battle fought, the victory won;

Still, still my cry shall be alone,

Oh take me as I am.