Hymn 147 - Jesus, Thy Name I Love

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Jesus, Thy name I love,

All other names above; Jesus, my Lord!

Oh, Thou are all to me!

Nothing to please I see,

Nothing apart from Thee, Jesus, my Lord!

Thou, blessed Son of God,

Hast bought me with Thy blood, Jesus, my Lord!

Oh, how great is Thy love,

All other loves above,

Love that I daily prove, Jesus, my Lord!

When unto Thee I flee,

Thou wilt my refuge be, Jesus, my Lord!

What need I now to fear?

What earthly grief or care,

Since Thou art ever near? Jesus, my Lord!

Soon Thou will come again!

I shall be happy then, Jesus, my Lord!

Then Thine own face I’ll see,

Then I shall like Thee be,

Then evermore with Thee, Jesus, my Lord!