Hymn 126 - The Chosen Ones of God

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


The chosen ones of God by grace,

The ones He calls His own;

We come to Him with humble hearts

To Him we all belong.

One Lord, one faith cleansed by His blood,

We seek His kingdom come,

In truth we live, His love we share,

Our hearts are joined as one!

Love one another by His Word,

As loved by the only Son,

We’ll help each other, Lord, with faith,

In peace our hearts as one.

With Spirit one, never apart,

Beyond our time and space,

We’ll love our Lord, thankful always,

Bless’d for His endless grace.


Spiritual rain, O fall!

Spiritual wind, O blow!

Nurture the garden of God,

And make His blessings grow.