Hymn 125 - A Parting Hymn

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


The Lord has brought us together,

For us to learn His true way;

With the Spirit’s love and guidance,

All of His Word we’ll obey;

The love of God’s worth rememb’ring,

Ever His praises we’ll sing,

Though we must part for the moment,

No sorrow our spirits mar;

We’ll strive to keep His commandments,

And spread His glory afar.

His truth is found in His Spirit,

Forever it will abide;

One faith to keep, with God leading,

We will for Him ever strive;

Spreading the gospel and seeking

To bring the lost unto Him,

Praying for others in Spirit; Tho’ parted we’re of one heart;

Bear spiritual gifts for His glory;

In heaven we’ll never part.