Hymn 114 - Soldiers of the Cross, Arise!

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Soldiers of the cross, arise!

Lo! your Leader from the skies

Waves before you glory’s prize,

The prize of victory.

Seize your armor, gird it on;

Now the battle will be won;

See, the strife will soon be done;

Then struggle manfully.

Jesus conquered when He fell,

Met and vanquished earth and hell;

Now He leads you on to swell

The triumphs of His cross.

Though all earth and hell appear,

Who will doubt, or who can fear?

God, our strength and shield, is near;

We cannot lose our cause.

Onward, then, ye hosts of God!

Jesus points the victor’s rod;

Follow where your Leader trod;

You soon shall see His face.

Soon, your enemies all slain,

Crowns of glory you shall gain;

Soon you’ll join that glorious train

Who shout their Saviour’s praise.