Hymn 106 - Jesus, Blessed Saviour

Instrumental Accompaniments

Vocal Accompaniments


Jesus, blessed Saviour, I will follow Thee;

For my sins You suffered, gave Your life for me;

Now I have redemption, by Thy sacrifice;

I will seek Thy glorious prize.

Jesus, blessed Saviour, I am ever Thine;

Tho’ the road before me wanders steep and blind;

Keep me on the pathway, in Thy precious love,

As I near my home above.

Jesus, blessed Saviour, guide me in Thy way;

Keep me safe beside Thee, evermore to stay;

Never let me wander, keep me in Thy light;

Be with me both day and night.

Jesus, blessed Saviour, by Thy Spirit blest,

In Your tender care I’ll find eternal rest;

Jesus, Saviour, keep me always by Thy side;

Let Thy grace in me abide.


Jesus, blessed Saviour, by Thy grace I’m freed,

By Thy loving mercy, I am now redeemed;

Joyously my heart sings in eternal praise,

Lord, be with me all my days.